Burger Chef Memories

Shared Burger Chef Pictures

Pictures from Rick Tollman (many thanks!)

1967 Ad from Route 130 Burlington NJ Burger Chef

L to R in ad pic are Rick Tollmann, Sue Lyons, Linda Adair and Charlie Lehan.



above is I believe, the Route 130 Burlington NJ Burger Chef, and prob Rick's car?

By judging the car might be 1968 or 1969?

Above Newspaper article from Route 130 Store in Burlington NJ

Above is a 1971 pic of 436 2nd Street Pike, Southhampton PA

Above Business Card of Rick's - Thanks Again to Rick!



Below are Photos from Theresa of Norwalk OH. 

These were taken in 1983 after the BC closed at 196 Milan Ave - Route 250, Norwalk OH.

Looks like a remodeled store orig built in sixties, most were remodeled in mid- seventies,

interesting no brick and roof appears light tan versus yellow.

Theresa says that after it closed it became a Rax (Roastbeef) and the building was torn down about 2009 or 2010 for a new Auto Zone to be built.

Building looks to be cleared out or for sure closed, looks like garbage cans are blocking the driveway, gosh would have loved to have that little sign

at the driveway, who knows what ever happened to all the signs out there?  Thanks again Theresa for the vintage photos!!!



Below are pictures I took while still on vacation in Fla, this time in Merritt Island, which is very near Coco Beach and Port Canaveral.

We had breakfast, really good food, inside was hardly recognizable except the restrooms.  The original panels were still there.

The exterior was still pretty much the same , different colors and the ceiling was lowered.  Still really cool to see the old "Kite" design buildings still standing and full glass intact.  If your in the area on vacation it is worth stopping for breakfast and a taking a second the remember back to the 'ol days of Burger Chef Restaurants !!


Below are pictures I took of the former St Petersburg Burger Chef Taken on May 21, 2010 while on vacation there.




The biggest changes were the left side door was moved to the front to make room for the drive thru, and the right side windows are blocked in for interior changes. Oh, and the donuts were quite delicious !


Below is a picture I took in Nov 1998, it is in Atlanta GA, the front was just days of being non-recognizable

due to this remodel, it was a Cosmo II, built about 1969-71.  It was on south side of Atlanta, as I remember.

Any update would be nice, you'd almost had to aready knew it was bc to know though? Thanks


Below, former Burger Chef of Ownesboro KY, build late 70's, converted to Hardee's in 1982

My photo from about 2001 or so, located accross from Moonlite BBQ,

heck wouldn't we like to see gas prices like these again?

 below, Former Burger Chef of Salem, IN, was converted to Hardees' before Arby's


  Salem, IN

  July 2007










 Photo by Kyle



  Any wanting to add info to this, any other picture, please email and I will add it.


Former Burger Chef in Bloomington IL, 1310 N. Main

Currently operated as Mugsy's Pub

Thanks Greg for the picture!!


Former Burger Chef in Roanoke, VA


I will add more info, when I find it, this location had a large slide simular to this one behind it.  This slide was accross the street from the Shively KY bc.

Thanks to Kenney for the old bc pic!!!  He was the owner, when closed a new owner opened a Persian Restaurant in its place.