Burger Chef Memories

Small part of my collection of Memorbillia


Above, Coin Holder my Grandmother had keep put up since about 1966, There was two versions, this one was the first one, the second was Dark Blue with white outer ring around the wording.

This one is in like new condition, esp rare to be 40 years old plus...


above, These are Lobby Cards from mid 60's that were inserted into a metal frame on a pole.















Above, at least one of each cup I have collected, range from 1st cup used (bottom left) to last cup (top left).

Some varied in color, but as far as I know this is each cup used by Burger Chef from 1958 to 1982.


Above, bottom straw is early 60's before paper wrapping, wrapped straw is middle 60's.

















Above, just a few of the FUNBURGER and FUNMEAL prizes I have.    In 1972 the first prizes were placed in FUNBURGER boxes. 



















Above are various patches used on uniforms, first patch (bottom middle) and last patch (top left) early 70's.  Uniforms after 1973 did not use patches.














Above, various matches used during 1960's.  Below matches from 1970's.

Below, sugar packs from 60's, 70's and 80's.

          Below, front of salt pack early 60's                     Below, back of same salt pack early 60's


                      Below, knife, belt buckle, tape measure and knife with various logos all 1960's.


This sign is the original sidewalk sign that hung between

doors from about 1968 to 1971, at 419 1/2 So. 4th Street, Louisville KY.   

This is the s/e corner of 4th and Chestnut St.  Sits in my garage now ! 


1960's - Original Table and chairs. These came out

during a remodel of one of the Louisville/So.

Indiana restaurants during the middle 70's.

These were aginst the inside glass down each side of 1964 to 1968 built bc's.



  Left is a rug that was at the door of the Louisville Downtowner from 1968 to 1971.

  Above is a close up of the logo, this is another survivor from the Burger Chef era.









                                      This is in my garage now...


Napkin Holder used from 1973 to about 1978, and later as owners didn't want to spend the extra money to buy newer logo holders.


Paper Hats I have that were used about 1960 - 1975 or so.  Paperhats after about 1978 didn't have logo's on them.

Paper Banks that were given out in early/mid 1960's


FUNBURGER - the 1st of it's kind!

Created in 1972, pictured below is a 1974 box.

This led to the FUNMEAL, the original of kids meals.

Funburger, was a hamburger in a box with a suprise prise.


                      Salt & Pepper 1973                                              Salt & Pepper 1982






L. ash tray mid 60's,  R. ash tray 1969.



far left, Cards from about 1965.


left, black ash tray from 1968. 

 matches about 1975.


far left, Cups from 1958 thru 1982.



More of my collection


far left, var postcards all 1960-66


Lighter and knife early 60's





far left, nametag about 1974


left, fry bag, table display, fry box all 1974





far left,  matches 1960 to 1975

Photo of Collection of Burger Chef Memoribillia I have.

Below, photo about 1998.



Above just a few POST Cards I have...