Burger Chef Memories

Burger Chef and Jeff

  Loveland Ohio - 1976

 Burger Chef and Jeff Flippin Burgers on the new Electric Grill with Steve E. assembling a Platter. Classic 1976 Uniform, Hat and Nametag on Steve.

Steve started working in March 1974 for Burger Chef in Fairfax OH and stayed thru the Hardees conversions in 1982.

Thanks again to Steve for sharring this Photo.

 Interesting that BC & J have smooth painted heads, the ones I had ever seen had cloth coverings, I wonder if any of these survived, I have never seen any since the 70's...





Burger Chef and Jeff came on the scene in late 1972.

They brought with them the FUNBURGER and then the FUNMEAL.

"With" or "Without"

Everyone remembers that bc was the place where your could fix your own burger

the way you wanted it at the "Works" bar.   Above Ad from 1973.

Below ad from 1974.


Below Buddies in 1974
































Cartoon from early 1972 commercials

below, Burger Chef and Jeff from 1972 Commercials for the "new" Funburger.


Burger Chef and Jeff on the cover of an employee booklet, mid 1970's



Art work from sucker package 1973

Early art from a sucker package, notice the older logo used.

This is from the same time the FUNMEAL was introduced, 1973.


Burger Chef and Jeff's FUNMEAL

Hamburger, fries and drink. Playtray with surprise prize and treat ! 

1973 - First of it's kind, before McD Happymeal...


Various logos

Burger Chef and Jeff and their many other logo's.


Creation of the famous LOGO


Original Funburger Art 1972                     Finished version 1973


above, Burger Chef and Jeff, hang proudly in my basement now, but before that

they hung in one of the Louisville/So. Indiana Burger Chef's 1974 or so.


    above, Post card given out by Burger Chef and Jeff mid 70's.


   Burger Chef getting tweeked on the nose.


BC & J in Owensboro KY posing with a hostess, about 1976

above, Grand Opening with Burger Chef and Jeff in Jackson, Michigan,  mid 70s.


   Jeff pointing something out to Burger Chef ?


below, watch ad from 1975.  These are pretty rare !

Burger Chef and Jeff got new uniforms 1979