Burger Chef Memories

Eat-in Seating, 1967 Hamburger, Fries, Shake and a Turnover for everyone!

National Head Quarters in 1965, Indianapolis IN

above, Summer 1965 new deliverly truck.


Burger Chef HQs


Picture of the old bc headquarters before it was torn down, about late 90's

Indianapolis Indiana (picture from Lost Indiana Site).

Concrete is where the sign once stood.

1967 Food Cards

Friendly Service 1977

Eve Plumb in a Burger chef Commercial

Two new Managers about 1976.

Zionsville IN Burger Chef - Then & Now

Zionsville is on the north side of Indianapolis, IN

Built about 1980 or so, last style built before selling the CKE, notice sign not on pole, local zoning had them put it there.

Someone snapped this photo in recent years, not known if building still exist?  

Unkn photo origin. Borrowed from another web site.