Burger Chef Memories

Burger Chef #398 opened Dec 1964 at 8129 Preston Hwy in Okolona KY

The Okolona Burger Chef, Opened December 23, 1964, pictured shortly after opening.  

Second Burger Chef to open in Louisville, KY.  Burger Chef store number 398.

Below are my Dad and Mr. Schneider, from a 1969 newsletter describing a local offer in Louisville.

Ky. Colonels was an ABA Pro Basketball team.  Same bc location as above.


Below - Okolona Burger Chef - Pictured from the air, Jan 1972, after the first re-model.

Check out the price of a gal of gas, 26 cents!                                                Thanks Louis for the picture !!!

   New Albany, Indiana - Store No. 167 - Grand Opening May 23, 1962













Below is 1965 Yearbook Ad  - Above is about 1963 or 64 summer shot

Below is 1966 Yearbook Ad







above, Opened by Fendrick Restaurants of Indianapolis, was bought by the Louisville Franchise 1963.

Early 1963, Burger Chef of Louisville opened store number 168 at 4439 Dixie Hwy, Louisville/Shively, KY.  It looked just

like the New Albany store pictured above.  Burger Chef had a pretty consistant look by 1960.  These were the original

bc-08 buildings, in the winters a small glass enclosure was put up, but in 1964 new Burger Chef's added a permanent large

glass enclosure that stayed in place.  It started halfway back on each side and came up and accross the front.  This allowed

for permanent stools and chair seating down each side. It was a common modification to add seating to all original walk-up

Burger Chef's build before 1964.  In 1965 new constructed stores were built like the originals, but the front was extended out

to allow a row of booths accross the front of each store, these building plans were titled bc-08-16.  This style was built until

1968 ( which account for about over 600 new stores).   The 1960's was the most growth Burger Chef would see, of the total

Burger Chef's more than half were built during this time, there are a few of these buildings still around doted throughout the countryside.



James W. Brown, Manager

1966 - My Dad was a manager at 24 years old (picture below), three years later he was an area supervisor. 


 My Dad, Jim Brown eating cake in the office of a grand opening in Louisville about 1977.  I think it was the new store on Shepherdsville Road near GE.





















June 1969 L - R are William (Bill) Schneider, Franchise Owner Pete DeBeer and my dad Jim Brown.

National convention of the Junior Chamber of Commerce.  Over 8,000 Hamburgers were made by a broiler inside the convention center and from the local Louisville KY Burger Chefs.

Mr. Schneider and his brother originally built the first Burger Chef (1963) in Louisville and were building their second (1964) when Mr. DeBeer and his partners bought the two and began the Louisville Franchise of Burger Chef's that lasted until 1978 when his partners voted to sell all the franchised stores to Norris Foods from West Virginia.


Burger Chef # 1289 opened 1970

















Opened on August 20, 1970, this is a photo of the style of building built at 3122 Dixie Hwy, Shively KY.

This photo is from a newsletter.    COSMO II - design 

Burger Chef #398 - Okolona - Louisville, KY - Pictured in Spring 1982




















I worked at this store when I was 16/17.  I took the photo one Sunday Morning 1982. 

I added Burger Chef & Jeff to be interesting.

It was remodeled to this look 1975 , closed early Spring 1983.

Burger Chef #398 Okolona/Louisville, KY "New" sign


















 Okolona got it's new sign about 1979.   Pictured here in April 1981.

Family Fun Night about 1978

  Family Fun Night  Summer 1978, Louisville KY

All photos below are from my parents collections.

 Below, night shot of Louisville area restaurant on Family Fun Night!


(Below) bc at 2457 Bardstown Rd at Taylorsville Rd.  Opened Sept 1973, Store #1657

Debbie M in the clown outfit, she became store Manager. 


(Below) Inside counter in Louisville bc, not sure which one, on Family Fun Night !

   (notice the logo on hat and cups don't match new nametag and uniforms)


(Below) Employees used to dress up in costums or put clown make-up on.  

This is my Dad in the Snoopy, at the 813 Eastern Parkway - Burger Chef #827, Louisville,KY.


(Below) 3122 Dixie Hwy in City of Shively, (also considered Louisville).  Those signs were huge !

Below is an after-hours shot, probally from the Shively or Jeffersontown Burger Chef in Louisville, KY.


The old blue tile floor gives the location away, by the late 70's (when this photo was taken) all the Louisville

area stores had been remodeled and new red tile floors installed except J-Town and Shively

which both kept the cosmo II look until closing in late 1982.


below - Burger Chef # 607, 4802 Bardstown Road, opened July 29, 1967 and closed around 1976. 

Utilized as bar and torn down about 2002. Corner Bardstown and Waterson Trail, in community of Fern Creek, KY