Burger Chef Memories

Louisville KY - Downtowner Location - 619 1/2 S. 4th Street near Chestnut St.

Burger Chef began an unusual task of trying to place restaurants in the downtown areas of large cities.


These photos are of the location about 1996, the old blue tile is still visible between the doors.  It was in a very historic building.

In about 1998 a fire destroyed the building, Louisville kept the front, the rest was rebuilt.    These are photos I took.

ABOVE and RIGHT is a photo that Gary recreated from hours of doctoring of the picture on the left,  to re-create

it has it looked as Burger Chef, August 1967, he included his first car, a 1960 T-Bird. Thanks again Gary!

Above is the old loading dock that was in the rear.  BC was on the first floor and was a cafeteria style store with trays and self service.

Opened August 1967 and closed in about 1971.  Typical move of business to suburban areas claimed this

location...  not enough business to keep open.    I wish I had Grand Opening photo's....

Above, the original sign that hung at the sidewalk, it is in my garage now!!

It is probally one of my most cherished possessions.

Other Downtowner locations: Indianapolis IN, Richmond Va and St. Louis Mo.

Poss others? Let me know if you know of other Downtowner Locations?


Shively Grand Opening - 3122 Dixie Hwy - My Dad is 4th from the right.

*Side note - one of the two lights over the head of the lady on the right is the one in my basement :)

I gave my Dad the other one.  I worked as a Police Officer in Shively for 14 years, and took them out about 1995.

Original Newspaper was given to me by Police Chief Michael J. Donio, Chief of Police 1964 to 1983.

Louisville,KY - area bc, about 1968/69 unkn Manager and Front line waitress.

Lou, KY area bc, Franchise Owner - Pete Debeer, walking from prep area towards the Broiler. 

Diningroom lights are visible, about 1968.


below, Possible Maysville, KY area Burger Chef about 1968 or 69. 

Great shot of Dinning Room looking towards the front parking lot.

Christmas at Burger Chef, New Cut Road, Louisville KY, across from Iroquois Park, 1978 or so.


Christmas time at the New Cut Road Burger Chef

Great picture of late 70's dinning room, Lego promotion going on at the time.

 Lego & Gift Cert sign that was displayed in restaurants in above Pic

Okolona bc, spring 1978 little league baseball parade, notice the uniform, it was the last to be worn in this area.

This was my Dad's 1960 Ford F100 pickup, at the rear of the truck is the Okolona bc manager Henry Rutherford. He was manager untill they closed about spr 1983.

The Louisville area Burger Chef "Van".  It was a 1966 Dodge, pictured 1968 or so.

above,that's my Mom, Dad and Brother.  I am standing in front of my dad.


 Burger Chef Van of Louisville

 Probably about 1968









My brother and me (I'm in the blue) 1976 on Parade Float,

New Albany IN.    We are 12 yrs old.   Dig the clothes...

Unknown Louisville Manager during the King Kong glass promotion 1976.   Rough b&w pic



The Valley Station Road - Louisville,  Burger Chef from the air about 1975, just after it's major remodel.  The new remodeled buildings added

 at least 25 more feet of dinning space.  See Building Plans page for blue print picture... bc of Louisville remodeled about 7 of the Louisville

stores from the original "Kite" designs to the "New" yellow roof and brown timber designs.  Still visible is the old pitched roof of the original store.


Above are two pictures I took of Valley Station, KY bc, about 1988 or so.  A consignment store had just moved out, same colors before Fantastic Sam's moved in.

The top most wood and the middle vertical wood has been painted a lighter color after bc closed in Fall 1982.



I am always willing to post other people's pictures, just Email me with them and any details you have. 

Coming soon are some more pictures, THANKS for visiting!

Burger Chef Restaurants Louisville & So. Indiana area.    Franchised originally as Burger Chef of Louisville, Inc.


Address                                                             City                   Store #   Opened               Currently


648 State Street near Spring St                         New Albany, IN          167       1963                  *Torn Down

4431 Dixie Hwy in Shively                              Louisville, KY             168       1963                 *Torn Down

8129 Preston Hwy in Okolona                         Louisville, KY             398      01/23/1965        Mexican Restaurant

4975 Shelbyville Rd in St. Matthews                        Louisville, KY             452      07/29/1965        *Torn Down

5511 Valley Station Rd off of Dixie Hgwy              Louisville, KY              453     06/30/1965        Fantastic Sams Hair Styles

5109 New Cut Rd near Iroquois Park                Louisville, KY              455     12/09/1965        Children's Doctors Office

4802 Bardstown Rd in Fern Creek                   Louisville, KY              607     08/10/1967        *Torn Down

619 ½ S. 4th Street Downtowner                            Louisville, KY              826     Aug 1967          **Burned 2003

811 Eastern Pky near old St Josephs Hosp            Louisville, KY              827    03/22/1968       *Torn Down

State Road 131 near Blackiston Mill Rd              Clarksville, IN                 828     01/09/1968       *Torn Down

540 W. Dixie  btwn Radcliff and E-Town              Elizabethtown, KY       889    10/06/1967       *Torn Down

629 Versailes Rd on east side of city                 Frankfort, KY               965    06/30/1968       *Torn Down

3122 Dixie Hwy in Shively                             Louisville, KY             1289   08/20/1970      **Burned 2008

9414 Taylorsville Rd in Jeffersontown               Louisville, KY             1507   06/25/1971         Maple Inn Tavern

2457 Bardstown Rd at Taylorsville Rd              Louisville, KY                 1657   09/17/1973       *Tore Down

3609 Bardstown Rd in Hikes Point                  Louisville, KY             1723   06/23/1974        Comet Dry Cleaners

2003 Grant Line Rd near IU Southeast              New Albany, IN         1738   11/25/1974         Liquor Store

6203 Old Shepherdsville Rd near G.E.           Louisville, KY             1791   05/24/1977         Used Car Lot


By March 1977 the local franchise group was operating over 40 Burger Chef Restaurants throught Kentucky

and Indiana under 16 different franchise names.