Burger Chef Memories

POST Cards












    Above, Front of a FREE Big Shef business card, about 1969                Above, Front of business card Routon IL about 1966

    Unknown Location, after price change to 18 Cents.                               Location is Training Store, Indianapolis IN.



Below - Post Cards from about 1965




Below - Post Cards from about 1969


Below - Post Cards from 1971



Below - Mailer from about 1974 - blank is for store address to be added.

      Coupon that was on the back.           


Above 1964 Post Card for South Carolina Burger Chef, note this was build early 1962 near Cherry Hill College.



Various Advertisements

below, June 1978 Louisville KY newspaper ad.

This was one of the first uses of the new logo. June 1978



 Above, postcard from Putt-Putt, early 1970's       Back of same card

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1968 Ad for The F.H. Lawson Company, Cincinnati Ohio

     I edited the ad a little, but the original is in

      Drive In & Carry Out Magazine, Feb 1970.

    Darren did a little research and found the following :

F.H. Lawson Co., Cincinnati, produced metal trash cans and garbage
pails. The company was founded in 1816 and had a successful run for
several decades. However, it became burdened by financial difficulties
that were precipitated by a leveraged buyout in the 1970s, and F.H.
Lawson Co. finally ceased operations in early 1988. The Witt Co.,
Cincinnati, whose founding family had known the Lawson family for many
years, purchased the remaining assets of the business later that year.

  “When it came to metal receptacles, the F.H. Lawson company was the
biggest,” says Ramaley. “When plastic receptacles were first introduced
by Rubbermaid and Continental, that made business very tough for F.H.
Lawson. It used to be that the good garbage cans were all galvanized
steel, and that was their specialty.”

                                                          Thanks Darren !!!

above, 1961 Newspaper art from an advertisement, notice the early walk up style Burger Chef.

Interesting note, sign on bldg never had flashing lights as drawn here...

1966 Advertisement in LOOK magazine, boy is sitting on a stool at the counter that faced

towards the outside, with the small tables behind him that faced towards the kitchen area.

Burger Chef sponsered a midget race circuit car called "Burger Chef Special",

#19 driven by Bob Harkey, 1965.

        Below is Summer 1965

Bob Harkey finished 8th in the Indy 500 of 1964.


Fun Quiz from 1975

1975 the Mariner Fish Platter

Commercials for bc early 1970s