Burger Chef Memories

Kelly O'Neil has shared with us some family pictures and information of her father.
Her father stated with the young company know as Burger Chef Systems. 
Joseph Francis O'Neil of Juliet IL was hired in 1959, during BC's 1st year of existence.
"Fran" at age 44, was hired to fill a new appointed position of Operations Manager.

Below is a photo about a year after Fran join the team.

Below is a photo from a 1967 or 68 Grand Opening of an unknown store, however Fran is being presented a "key" to the city.
Standing next to her Dad, is Kelly about age 8, who furnished these photos.

Below is his Birthday Photo placed in the company newsletter Oct 1968

in above picture L to R is Vicky Comte, Dorothy Perine, Brenda Robinson, Jackie Smith, Thelma Todd and Margret Arnett.

Below is a national restaurant convention about 1966 or 67, the Indy Downtowner had opened in Dec 1965. Fran to the left.

Below is another from the convention with Fran on the right.

Pictured below is Fran on the right with either Jim or John Roschman?

Below is an early photo of the original Burger Chef Franchise Owners from 1958, 1959 and 1960.

Front Row L to R is John Wyatt, Louis Michot Jr, U, Robert Holzman, U and Bud Lough.
Middle Row are all Unknown
Back Row is L to R Pres Frank Thomas, U, U, U, Francis L. Cook, Treas Bob Wildman, V-Pres Don Thomas, Fran O'Neil and U.

Below is a Newsletter from September 1959, just after completing their first year in business.
The photo of the Harvey IL bc, says it was the first to have the "diamonds" added? Interesting? bc carried on with these diamonds through 1968.

Below is Layfayette IN store, 1 of the Original 8 Burger Chef's opened in 1958. Can anyone confirm this by the water tower?

I am very curious, if this picture is Layfayette IN or is it the 3200 W. 16th Street Indianapolis store??
I didn't think Layfayette IN was this big of a town in 1958?
The sign is still different from what the final design was in 1959? I though after the first 1 or 2 stores it was changed to the design used until 1968!
The sign is missing the light bulbs (neon is there) and the words "We Sell Millions Nationwide" aren't there yet??