Burger Chef Memories

Tribute page to Henry "Hank" Schroeder - more info to come.

Above is Owner Hank Schroeder accepting a throphy from Area Supervisor Bob Wright - 1961

Opened in 1960, now operates as "Schroeder's" Danville Illinois. 

Guy beside Mr. Schroeder appears in both store pictures... ?


Above is Bud Lough, Frank Thomas Jr, Bob Wildman, and Hank Schroeder - June 1962 Franchisee Meeting I am guessing.


Above,  Sales Award Trophy given to Hank Schroeder by Bob Wright - 1963

Notice the new style paper hats, ties, patches on shirts and the remodeled store already by 1963. 

New style light globes are hanging too ! 

Burger Chef was 5 years old by now and really moving, there were close to 400 stores by this time.

   I believe this is the same store pictured above.


Above was taken at an Indianapolis Regional Conference 1963


Mr. Schroeder had more than one store in IL?  I will work on more info to add ?

I wanted to get these pictures posted, I have had them since last Fall...


Schroeder's Today with the Original lower sign parts.