Burger Chef Memories

below, FUNMEAL - 1973 with unknown girls in front of new sign of that era.

Below, Great Grand Opening shot from unknown location,1970.

This was the new styled buildings, this one however didn't have the typical front doors? any info plz E-mail me.


Below, 1973, new uniforms, used till 1978.

































  Jim Jones, Manager

  Burger Chef and Jeff


















 Roseville, Minn


 Opened in Aug 1970.

 Minneapolis-St. Paul Area.

 Built in 54 days!














Vern Fairbrother and Ken Johnson

they had 3 stores, 1st opened

Jan 68, 2nd Mar 69 and this 3rd

in Aug 1970.  All in the Tri-State











below, Tempe, Arizona.  One of the first Drive-Thru units for Burger Chef - Feb 1970











above is a remodel from an original bc-08 built about 1964, remodeled about 1969 - pictured here Feb 1970














   Feb 1970

  Manager Glen Fuller

  Left and Top two photos all from

  Tempe AZ.












































below, Snowed in... Burger Chef from 1974 with new sign.

below, Christmas 1973


Below is inside slide of lobby, believed to be dated 1974. Another eBay purchase of mine...

Notice the rug?  Below is one I own from a Louisville Burger Chef.

Rug must be at least 40 years old now?