Burger Chef Memories

Burger Chef of Georgia

Many, Many, Thanks to the Lester Family for donating pictures !



  September 1970

   Moultrie, GA


  This is a classic bc-08 built about 1964.


  Moultrie is about 60 miles n/w from the FL/GA

  state line between Albany and Valdosta GA.








 Thomasville GA, September 1970

 Thomasville, GA is about 40 miles west of Valdosta GA

  Pictured during remodel of bc-08, also probally built 1964.




Notice the two different style trash cans, one from mid 60's the other

late 60's.... remodeling added booths and a dinningroom to this store

that had only seating down each side... This remodel was the Cosmo II.






September 1970

Thomasville GA

Another shot of the remodel.



Before lava rock and white brick is added.




Below, Georgia Burger Chef, after remodel probally built early 60's because of blue center logo on roof.


September 1970

Probally from Moultrie, GA

Menu Board from 1965, Super Shef added '69.

 Below, cup used in this picture in 1970


                                                                                         New logo cups were being used, they were probally using old stuff up first.



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