Burger Chef Memories

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Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Florida 

Owned and Operated by Mr. Stewart LaRue and Mr. Karl McClintock

Two Men and their families moved from Indianapolis IN to Clearwater Fla to start up their franchise of Burger Chef Restaurants.

Mr. LaRue was first to move to Florida in 1966 then Mr. McClintock in about 1971.

Their Franchise of Burger Chef Restaurants was very successful and were featured many times in newsletters and magazines.

I believe it was not just coincidental that the Burger Chef Systems picked Mr. LaRue's Treasure Island Fla location as their 1000th store in 1969. 

Mr. McClintock was the son-in-law of Mr. LaRue, and the whole family worked in their Burger Chefs. Their partnership lasted many years.

Mr. LaRue's grandson,  Mark (also a store owner) has been very helpful in gathering information for this page.


Below photo L to R is Mr. LaRue, unkn and Frank Thomas in 1966 presenting Mr. LaRue his training certificate.

  To Left is his Certificate

   Dated May 20, 1966














Mr LaRue's first Burger Chef was opened in 1966 and was store No. 556, Located on

Gulf-to-Bay Blvd, Clearwater Fla.

Mr. LaRue soon opened three more stores by 1967, Below is an ad from  June 1967.


Below is Karl McClintock, Mr. LaRue's son-in-law and partner, he ended up with three bc in the Tampa Clearwater area.


Below is Mr. McClintock's certificate when he completed his training school in Indy, Date May 1971. 



 Larue/McClintock Store No 1

 Open about June 1966

 BC# 10-566

 2218 Gulf to Bay Blvd at Belcher Rd.

 Clearwater, FL

 Owned by Mr. Stewart Larue

 Closed about 1973

 Torn down












   Gulf to Bay Blvd

    First store opened by Stewart Larue of Indianapolis IN.

    Both Photos taken Summer 1969.

    Listed as number 2 on map above.










 Larue/McClintock store number 2

 Open about Fall 1966

 BC# 10-697

 1401 So. Collins Ave, Plant City FL

 Owned by Karl McClintock of Indy

 Closed about late 1980s

 Remodeled early 1980s








 Stewart Larue, Left

 Mrs. Karl McClintock, Center

 Mark McClintock, Right

 Mrs. McClintock is Mr. Larue's daughter.

 Three generations

 Photos about Summer 1969











  Larue/McClintock store number 3

  Opened about early 1967

  BC# 10-721

  1280 Missouri Ave, Clearwater

  Owned by Stewart Larue

  Photo Summer 1969

  Closed early 1980s

  Now is Thai Coconut Restautant

 Location number 1 on above map








  Searstown/ Sunshine Mall was accross the street

  Late 60s early 70s picture of Girl Scouts visit to

  S. Missouri location, with unkn Manager














  Larue/McClintock store number 4

  10530 Bay Pines Blvd, St. Petersburg FL

  Near Maderia Beach

  BC# 10-734

  Owned by Karl McClintock of Indy

  Grand Opening Nov 4, 1966

 Photo Summer 1969

  Closed by 1973 possible Taken by Road department?



  Listed as location number 3 on above map







 Larue/McClintock store number 5

 4015 S. Dale Mabry, Tampa FL

 BC# 10-742

 Owned by Stewart Larue

 Grand Opening March 8, 1967

 Photo Summer 1969

 Listed as Location 4 on above map


 Now is Estela's Mexican Rest.

























above is Stewart Larues's store number 6, 8839 No. 56th Street, Tampa, Grand Opening July 3, 1968, BC# 10-821.

Interesting is the different signs used at road and on building?? Pos closed by 1976











































 Summer 1969 Photo

 Opened July 3, 1968
















Below is the Famous 1,000th Burger Chef owned by Stewart Larue

Opened Aug 9, 1969 and was BC# 10-1249 in Treasurer Island FL.