Burger Chef Memories

Burger Chef # 1000

Grand Opening of the 1,000 th Burger Chef !!    August 9th, 1969

Treasure Island, Flordia, near Tampa-St. Pete area.

Dressed  as pirates were Treasure Island Chamber of Commerce employees, Ed McKee, Manager. 

Restaurant Owner were Mr. and Mrs.  Stewart LaRue of Clearwater Beach, Fla.

                                                                                                                                          (above) Sample picture unkn location



Above are Frank P. Thomas (left) Founder and Board Chairman and Charles E. Arnett ( right) new President of the Franchise Systems.

Above is Frank Thomas cutting ribbon, Mr. Arnett with microphone and with plaque is the restaurant Owner, Stewart LaRue.

Above is Frank Thomas and Charles Arnett, crowds of estm 10,000 turned out on the beautiful August day.

Above Left to right are, Phil Cooke, Frank Thomas, John Stack, Burger Chef advertising and Cal Morken, Editor of Drive-in & Carry-out Magizine.




 (above)  Estimated 25,000 Gold Coins were given out 1969.