Burger Chef Memories

Commercial Stills & "Sheba baby" movie stills

1972 Funburger introduction commercial

1972 sign

1972 Funburger blow pipe toy

1971 commercial front counter

Backline cook putting burgers on the broiler 1971.


Below are pictures from the 1975 movie "Sheba Baby" staring Pam Grier. 

Filmed in Louisville with a stop at one of the local Burger Chef's.

4975 Shelbyville RD, Louisville KY.  Front Counter.

Counter bc #452, originally opened July 29,1965. Remodeled 1st time about 1970 or 71. 

Totally remodeled to new look about 1976, after movie was filmed.

Burger Chef footage in this movie last about 3 minutes, it's like going back in time when seeing this movie of bc.

The restaurant employees worked many hours getting ready for the filming, so Ive been told.

This movie is worth renting, just to see the footage.